Business class in road haulage

Haulage and Forwarding

We ensure the experience of three decades, well-regulated processes and the greatest devotion for your goods to be always delivered in time, in perfect conditions to any destination within Europe. The best quality service is provided by the solution-centred transport operators, the experienced drivers and our modern and environmentally friendly fleet of vehicles.


What goods do we transport?

  • Besides standard commercial goods, we offer the delivery of freight requiring special treatment (temperature-dependent, hazardous, or oversized goods)
  • Complete and group transport
  • Regular and occasional orders

Business class in road haulage

Our standard of service establishes a new qualitative category in transport: our clients can trust that their freight is handled with the greatest care, and it arrives at the destination in time, in perfect condition. Our service is guaranteed by professional planning, comprehensively regulated processes, immediate solutions for unexpected events, and intuitive, always available customer service.

You can rely on us:

  • All requests for quotation will be answered within 24 hours, including the tailor-made offers with the most appropriate and cost-efficient routes.
  • After submitting your order, information about the delivery of the freight is provided via the phone 24 hours a day.
  • Online tracking: you can enter our Track & Trace system with your personal code. Here you can find up-to-date information and immediate status report on your goods.
  • The status of your goods is reported via e-mail every morning, and you are informed of the delivery immediately.

    Safety and Quality

    Our company provides the exclusive safety of the goods with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management, and ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management systems while performing its services. Apart from this, AEOF and HACCP certificates guarantee total safety to you and your goods. Your goods delivered by our company are covered by CMR comprehensive insurance, which provides insurance in case of unexpected events occurring while transport on the forwarder’s liability.

    A Fleet Dedicated to Reliability and Environment Protection

    Our fleet consists of 300 vehicles (tilt-, box-trailers or refrigerated box-trailers), which are 2.5 years old on average, having 8 m3 - 120 m3 loading area with 1.5 – 24 t load capacity, all equipped with a GPS fleet-tracking system. The safety and excellent conditions of our vehicles are guaranteed by our own maintenance site.

    Apart from perfect delivery of goods, environment protection is of outstanding importance at our company, so our vehicles meet the EURO VI standards.

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