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We have been dealing with our clients’ goods with the greatest care and outstanding professional background, no matter what the aim is: either to deliver the goods in time to any European destination, or to store the goods in our safe and regulated warehouse environment.

Our Mission

We are devoted to create a new quality standard in logistics with our reliable and highly-performed services, which contributes to the business success of our clients, thus increasing the value of their goods and services.

Our History

The K&V International Transport Company was established in 1989, and it has always been a family-run business in 100%. The company name comes from the initials of the founder couple: Éva Koncsos and József Varga. The founders of K&V realised the potentials in enhancing the strengthening of the regional economy by providing outstanding road transport services. This is the mission the company has been faithfully fulfilling. The company has become more and more successful and has been continuously improving owing to its persistent and devoted efforts, its ethical and transparent operations. The K&V has opened a new company site, and expanded and improved its services with applying the latest technical achievements. The modern vehicles of the private fleet of the K&V perform their services on several European roads, delivering their freight to the destinations in a safe and environmentally friendly way to the clients’ satisfaction.

Key factor: the human

The quality of each service depends on the people who perform it. We are proud of our more than 300 employees working in our Gyöngyös and Markaz sites: their experience, situation awareness and humane attitude contributes to the fact that our clients are totally satisfied with our services.

Our multilingual transport organisers are available all day, and they are ready to handle unexpected situations. Our drivers are experienced not only in transport, but they are also familiar with documents and loading procedures.

Social Responsibility

Our company is pleased to take part in the social life of the area. We regularly support such local and regional programmes and initiations - for example: sports clubs, tourism events, useful civil initiations – that are valuable and visionary from the aspect of regional development. We are members of the Gyöngyös Sponsor Club; furthermore, we are the main sponsors of the Gyöngyös Handball Team, and moral and financial supporters of several local sports and civil clubs.

Environment Protection and Sustainable Development

Our company is fully devoted to environment protection. We insist on the strict regulations of technological processes as well as the smallest possible environmental impact in compliance with the principles of sustainable development. That is the reason why our company has the ISO 14001:2015 standard Environment Management system.

We are continuously making efforts to control and improve those activities of ours that may affect the environment so as to minimise the negative effects. As a significant member of the transport market, we are aware of the basic requirements of being environment conscious. Our company focuses on reducing pollution and the amount of waste, besides, we protect the nature. Our equipment necessary to perform our services is updated on a regular base, and our machine stock is permanently developed to be able to reduce emissions as much as possible. When implementing new investments and technological improvements, the possible environmental impacts and lifecycle of the equipment are always considered thoroughly. We prefer the reduction of material- and energy-consumption and the most reasonable solutions. The careful planning and control of our processes are to minimise the chances of unexpected environmental dangers.

We are devoted to sustainable development, since it serves the existence of mankind and our planet Earth, which should be the most important aim of every single human being.

You can access our CSR report by clicking here.

Certificates, insurance

Our company provides the exclusive safety of the goods with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management, and ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management systems while performing its services. Apart from this, AEOF and HACCP certificates guarantee total safety to you and your goods. Your goods delivered by our company are covered by CMR comprehensive insurance, which provides insurance in case of unexpected events occurring while transport.

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